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…of our homeschooling journey. Our oldest is 2.5, and we’ve started preschool already. She knows all of her letters, can count by rote and with one-to-one correspondence up to ten, identifies many colors, and can spell a few basic words. I decided to start “school” with her this summer, and we are starting with a unit on Noah’s Ark, which I’m developing myself. It’s been pretty fun so far, though we’ve only spent a week on it. I have so many things webbed out that I hope we can accomplish.

Noah’s Ark seems to be a broad-enough unit that can be taken more deeply each time we do it. This is something that can be done all the way through to high school, if need be, though we’d probably only touch on it a little each year. Obviously, the sciences are covered, from earth science, to biology, physics, perhaps chemistry…For math we have measuring, comparisons of sizes and shapes, and much more. No matter how young or old the children are as we do this unit, something is there for all the ages.

Currently, we are working on animal identification…She already recognizes the ones with which we tend to be most familiar, such as typical American farm animals (sheep, pigs, goats, cows, horses, ducks, alpacas, chickens, etc.), and zoo animals (giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, bears, etc.). We’re now drifting off into other animals that might have been on the ark with Noah. Jan Brett illustrated a version of Noah’s Ark and included other exotic animals, which she has generously posted on her website as a printable, coloring wall mural. I have printed off several of the pages and Munchkin and I talk about the animals, discussing their features as she colors them. We plan to cut them out and adhere them to poster board for our mural so that she can retell the story in her own words at a later time. She was given a book for Christmas called “5-Minute Bible Stories”, and it’s beautifully illustrated. We’ll read that version of the story tomorrow and perhaps do an experiment with Sink’n’Float, in which case we’ll discuss things that float. Thursday we’ll explore sinking, and Friday we’ll explore items around the house to see what will sink and what will float like Noah’s boat. Next week is VBS at church, so we’ll do light “schoolwork” in the afternoons once we return home. If the weather is decent enough we’ll study a little about rainbows, and talk about color mixing. Again, she recognizes several colors, but hasn’t figured out that if two of them are mixed they become a different color. So, we’re going to explore a little with chemistry and play with more water and food-coloring, as well as finger paints–all on the back patio where it’ll be easier to clean up. At the end of next week we’re taking some time off so Mommy and Daddy can attend the CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) Convention downtown. She gets to stay with gramma and grampa for 2 nights (at least, that’s the current plan) and take a little break (not that she’ll really notice, because school’s fun for her right now! Lol).

There is so much more we have planned for this unit but my web “somehow’ ended up behind the couch, so I have to wait until tomorrow to retrieve it.

It is now a little past midnight, and I must go to bed. Buggaboo is going through her 6-month growth spurt and has been nursing practically non-stop the past couple hours, and will probably awaken me again at 3am, as she has done the past 2 nights straight. She’s had me spoiled for the past 3 weeks by sleeping so well from 10:30pm until 8ish, that I now don’t know what to do with her! Ack! She would probably have slept even later but Munchkin usually hears Daddy getting ready for work and loves to wave and call out to him as he drives away. Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly and that we can get a lot accomplished around the house.