Last time, I wrote about writing my own curriculum. I haven’t changed my mind, but I have changed how I would like to approach our homeschooling. Over the past week, I have discovered Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, and have fallen in love with her methods and ideas. We’ve already implemented small parts of what Miss Mason believed to be important parts of education, and since Munchkin is still so very young, we haven’t done much.

We have begun a nature journal. Right now, as Munchkin is not yet 3 years of age, we are working on a family nature journal, and when she is a bit older and more used to the idea, she will begin her own. We have already gone to a couple local parks and made leaf rubbings, and we collected a small bunch of green oak leaves on the ground below a tree that may have been knocked down from a previous storm over the weekend, or perhaps the wind when it was blowing rather fiercely. At the park we visited a couple days ago with some friends, there were some rather odd items that were plant parts which we found, but we still haven’t found the answer to; I left the items with a park ranger to ask the naturalist to give me a call to let us know what they were. It was Monday when we were there. Still no call. Oh well. Tomorrow we are to go to another park with the same friends and perhaps a few new ones for a nature walk, visiting the nature center there, picnic lunch, then have a great time on the play ground. Such fun.

I’m also delving into Miss Mason’s ideas of “living books”…What a concept! Before, when I was looking for books for the girls, I was simply trying to find books that pertain to whatever I wanted them to learn, not really paying attention to content, but more to “developmental level”. Now, I am unafraid of picking up a chapter book or two for read-alouds (we’re reading “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodges Burnett, illustrated by Tasha Tudor, which I found for $1.49 in a local thrift shop yesterday!),  and looking much harder for more meaningful books and trying to get rid of the “fluff”. I’m now inspired to rethink the bookshelves and remove those books which have been identified as “twaddle”.  I’m also compiling lists of books that would fit into Miss Mason’s requirements for a living book. I probably already have a couple hundred in my entire list so far, including those for Preschool through High School Plus. During naptime tomorrow, if I’m able, I will include this list of books that I’ve put together from lists I’ve discovered online, as well as books I’ve personally enjoyed which I feel should be included. Who knows? I may even write some reviews on the books I’ve read, whether they be with Munchkin, in one of my classes, or on my own.

Well, it’s midnight. Need to go to bed. The girls have been awakening early lately, so I need all the rest I can get!

God bless.