A lot has been happening these past couple weeks. The windshield of my car was broken by an errant baseball at a ball park, so that had to be fixed, and since the new glass has waves in it, I’m now waiting this morning for a new windshield. The girls and I can’t go anywhere today until after the guy comes and takes care of it, which should be anywhere between now and noon. I hope it’s sooner than later because we need to go to Kroger to buy tickets for the State Fair on Friday. I also need to get the girls some more soap, as well as some Castile Soap that I forgot to pick up the other day.

Today, Munchkin and I are going to do some fun things! A couple weeks ago, I purchased the Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends at our local Goodwill store. So, today, we are going to read the first few stories together from “We Look and See”. We’ll probably do this for a couple weeks until she becomes more familiar with the sight words. We’re also going to keep reading “Is Your Mama a Llama?”, which she really seems to enjoy. She has a fascination with sidewalk chalk, so when Buggaboo wakes up (I’m surprised she’s not up yet, but then again, she didn’t take a nap yesterday at all!) I’ll retrieve the chalkboard from their room so Munchkin can draw. She can make a pretty good capital “T’, and is working on the rest of the letters in her name. For the Bible, we’ll read “Noah’s Ark” from 5-Minute Bible Stories, and she’ll be able to play with her wooden ark for a while. I’m also working on making holes in styrofoam plates in the forms of letters so that she can use yarn and plastic needles to lace them through the holes. Or, perhaps I should use cardboard instead so they’ll last longer? I don’t know yet. For our read-aloud book, i was going to read “A Little Princess,” but decided that Munchkin wasn’t paying enough attention. Instead, we’ve started “Little House in the Big Woods”, which she seems to enjoy a lot more. It might have to do more with the formality of the language in the first book, versus the less formal vernacular of the second. At any rate, i believe this to be a better book to start with on the read-alouds to go along with our daily bible reading so that she gets used to it. Perhaps we’ll wait a few more months to try ‘A Little Princess” again.

Last week, one of our neighbors gave us a bushel of plums, so we made plans to make some plum jam. She came over again on Friday to help me, and she brought another bushel full! We ended up making two batches of jam, one plain and the other cinnamon plum. It tastes kind of odd to me, but I think it’s because I used my cast iron Dutch oven. Next time, I’m going to just use my stainless steel pot. If it doesn’t get too warm today, I’ll try to make some plum chutney; I found some interesting recipes for it that I may try. Though, i’m not quite sure what chutney is…I strongly suspect it’s like cranberry relish in a way…