I now babysit for a little girl who is 4 months older than Munchkin. She and Munchkin are both at that famous stage of questions. This is how a typical conversation goes every 5 minutes:

Something occurs, such as an item fell.

Munchkin: What happened?

Me: The book fell off the table.

Little Miss: Why?

Me: Because you knocked it over.

Little Miss: Oh, okay.

A couple minutes later:

Me: Alright girls, it’s time to clean up for lunch!

Little Miss: Why?

Me: So that we have a clean table to eat off of.

Little Miss: Why?

Me: You don’t want to eat off the floor do you?

Munchkin: No.

Little Miss: Okay.

Me: So let’s get the table cleaned up, okay?

Little Miss: Why?

[the sound of Me banging my head against the table]