I have been quite lax in updating this blog lately. I have been so busy, and I’ve had little time on my hands to do anything extra. With babysitting Little Miss, and playing referee between her and Munchkin, I had been able to do little else. . .It’s alright, though, because it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. 🙂

I don’t remember the last date I posted, so I’ll just give some updates on what has been going on in my world: In August, we went camping at Alum Creek State Park, using a 2-room tent (though we didn’t hang the wall). Buggaboo was getting over a cold, and it got a lot chillier than I had thought, so I had to bring her home at 2:30 in the morning that Saturday morning, and return at 8:30 because all our food was in the car I was driving (we had arrived so late Friday night that there was little time to unload it and put it in dh’s car. Dh and Munchkin met us at the playground near the entrance to the campgrounds, and we found that there was a mud-daubers’ nest right under the stairs in the sand of the play equipment. We went out to breakfast, went home to shower (we were still fairly close to home in case of what happened the night before), and took the girls miniature golfing. Let me tell you: it’s quite an experience to take an almost-three-year-old miniature golfing! Lol. She had a blast, and dh and I had many “holes in one” and under “par” because she had such a blast picking up the balls after we putted from the tee and trying to either drop it straight into the cup, or taking the ball to within 6 inches of the cup and hitting it in. Hey, I’m not arguing with her; that was the best score I’ve ever had! 😀

Back home, we’ve been working on reading Dick and Jane. I have not been as good at keeping up with this as I had planned, but I had to delay lessons for a few weeks to help Little Miss become used to our daily routine (um, yeah, I had to develop one really quickly, because she’s one that’s a stickler for schedules, and Munchkin so is not!). I just started working with LM on Dick and Jane, when her mother lost the placement she was in (they terminated the assignment, and as a temp, she has to wait until the agency calls her for something else). So, I have not had her since Friday, and her mom is stuck at home for the time being. Munchkin, on the other hand, is starting to pick up a bit more. This week, we are reviewing the first four stories, working on the words she has trouble with, and then I think by the weekend we can begin the 5th. And yesterday, I was browsing a bit on AtoZ Teacher Stuff, and there was a link to this really great website that works on Rimes and Rhymes, focusing on a single nursery rhyme per week. It’s very neat, and simple, as well as short. First, there is the rhyme card that you print off. Then, there are additional cards to print off that have pictures and words that rhyme with the main word family of the rhyme of the week. I reset my printer settings and was able to print 9 cards to a page–the pictures were still clear, as were the words. Also, there are riddles that can be printed off to help identify the additional rhyming words. I didn’t print off those yet, because I don’t feel that Munchkin is quite ready for it yet. And last, but not least, are the lesson plans for the week. They are broken down by day, each so far taking only about 5-10 minutes of time to execute per day. Mind you, these were written for classrooms of more than 1-3 children, so I’m adapting them so far as I can for a single child, and they don’t take as long as they would in the classroom. So far, they have 28 rhyme lessons available on the site, and they’ll add the last two as the school year progresses (they said it would be closer to the end of the current year). I have already printed off three: “Jack and Jill”, “An Apple Pie When It Looks Nice”, and “Rain, Rain, Go Away”. I printed the Apple Pie one ahead of schedule because it’s apple-picking season and we just went to the orchard on Friday; I thought it more fitting to do it now. Which brings me to seque what we are currently doing.

Friday we went to Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala to pick some Golden Delicious apples. We also stopped by their roadside stand and purchased some Honeycrisp (wowza! Suddenly, I have a new favorite! Too bad their season is so short-lived…), apple cider, a couple gourds for the girls, and some baked goods. Yesterday, I took some of the honeycrisp and baked them into a pie. Well, I had accidentally cut up too many, and they were already seasoned; so, I threw what was left into the crockpot for a couple hours on high. While the pie cooled, I took the apples out of the crockpot and put them in my food processor. After the apples were ground up, I poured them back into the crock on low for another hour. I took a taste, and WOW! Here, I thought I was making applesauce, but it turns out that I made something so decadent, so wonderful–I don’t think I could do it again, but I could only hope! And not only that, but we each had a slice of the pie for dessert after a spaghetti dinner and oh. My. GOSH! That was the BEST apple pie I’ve ever tasted or made! I did make a sugar substitution–I used brown instead of white, and I added an extra tablespoon of flour. The crust was perfect, just the right amount of crispy flakiness, and practically melted in your mouth and it seemed like it was having fun doing so! Yeah, I loved that pie!

Well, I’m going to update some more tomorrow. My back hurts right now (it’s been a rough day), so I think I should head to bed. G’night!