It has been a long while (again) since my last post. Every time I promise to come back and post more updates, I keep forgetting! Ack! Anyway, here are some updates from the summer:

I took the girls to VBS in June, during the first three days. I helped out in registration, which was perfect, because I was only able to be there for a short time. That weekend, dh and I went to the homeschooling convention and purchased the Math-U-See Primer, as well as a couple books from Simply Charlotte Mason. We were able to meet with Sharon, who, with her hubby, spearheaded SCM. Wonderful people, let me tell you! We are starting Munchkin a little early in some formal schooling, but it’s only because she’s ready for it and BEGS to do schoolwork! Hey, I’ll take it when I can, because I have a feeling that in the not-too-distant future, she’s not going to want to do it! 😀

In July, Munchkin had swimming lessons. Silly girl, she would not get into the pool! Ah well, there’s always next year!

In August, we made a trip to the state fair and took in all the sites. We got to ride lots of rides, eat lots of yummy food, see lots of neat displays, and pet lots of animals. The girls really enjoyed seeing the sheep, the horses, the ducks, and the geese, but were not impressed in the least by the chickens. Munchkin’s friend, Little Miss (remember her from earlier in the year?), is now a big sister. Her baby sister was born August 22 via emergency c-section due to mama’s complications. Baby is now home (after 33 days in the NICU at OSU) with her family, and is the tiniest little thing! While she was still in the NICU, Little Miss came over a couple times to play with Munchkin so that Mommy and Daddy could be with baby sister.

During September, we started school. Munchkin LOVES it! We’re done within about 2-2.5 hours, tops, and it is a lot easier than I’d expected. After we get dressed upon finishing our breakfast, I pop in the DVD to watch the short video of Mr. Demme who presents the lesson. I pause it, then Munchkin and I settle in to do the workbook. Sometimes a lesson lasts us a whole week, and other times we’re done the same day and we get through 3-4 lessons. I’ve slowed it down to pace ourselves, and I print off some worksheets reinforcing what she’s learning, or needs to practice (like writing her numbers. She’s getting there, though). Once math is finished, we bring out the readers. We’ve almost finished with Dick and Jane, and we’re now on to Dr. Seuss books, like “Green Eggs and Ham”, “Little Bear”, and “Mouse Soup”. She’s currently reading through “Little Bear”, and is so proud of herself for knowing so many words already! I do have to assist her now and then, which is normal. I mean, after all, she’s still not 4 yet! I have to keep reminding myself of that almost daily! For science, we have been walking nature trails at local parks, and I’m hoping the weather clears up enough this week for us to do a little letterboxing (don’t know what letterboxing is? Go to for more details about letterboxes in your area!). We also occasionally take in a class at a park geared toward preschoolers. Next week’s class is “Life in a Leaf Pile”, which I think the girls will find rather interesting, since our landscaper just piled all the leaves he mowed around the bases of our trees. For Phys. Ed., she’s taking a combo dance class in ballet and tap, and we’re hoping to get her going in piano lessons with her aunt, my SIL. We also listen to various genre of music in the car when we’re traveling, even if it’s the short 10-minute jaunt to the grocery store! I pop in a CD, and we listen to a piece, and we discuss it afterward. For art appreciation, we haven’t started it yet. I’m still searching for some online resources to see the works in better detail. I know the artists I want us to study, but finding quality sites with large pictures has been rather challenging. I may have to break down and go to the library. *sigh*And for handicrafts, she’s learning basic embroidery. She’s working on a bird from, using floss on muslin. He’s kinda cute, and I do have to get her working on it some more soon, because it’s been a little while.

On a personal note, it seems as if most of the young-ish couples around us are expecting! Yay! It started off with Little Miss’s parents, then another couple from church, who are due any day now. My mom’s boss is due around Thanksgiving, as well as an online friend (and you know who you are! I’m calling you this week!), but I don’t remember her due date. And in the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve found out that at least 4 couples from church are expecting, all due in the spring!! Yowza! I’m just glad we’re holding off for a third, because I don’t want to be pregnant and trying to move! Lol. Oh, and our chiropractor and his wife are due on Christmas day! That’s 7 babies, folks! Thankfully, I have a few hankie bonnets made, but for some of the couples special projects are called for (I know some of them better than others). Oy. This is going to be a busy autumn!