This week, the girls and I have a lot to do in order to get ready for Christmas. Lots of baking, homework, crafting, visiting, and, hopefully, getting our Christmas tree at some point.

Today, we’ll be cleaning up the downstairs after I was sick all last week. It’s a terrible mess again after Thanksgiving, and I was enjoying having a clean living area. So, while the girls are watching “Cinderella” (hopefully, if I can find it), I’ll be cleaning up the kitchen and the dining room, as well as setting the living room back to rights. After lunch, we’ll be popping some popcorn in the air popper, and making Fruity Candy Popcorn, but making it all into popcorn balls. We’ll be giving these out to the girls in Munchkin’s dance class tomorrow, along with their Christmas cards she had picked out (again, from the Dollar Tree…they have several types of Winnie-the-Pooh cards in 10-packs, originally priced at $5.99. Sweet!). If I have enough energy, we’ll even start a batch of Christmas cookies, though I’m not sure what type yet. Perhaps some vanilla-flavored pizzeles (can’t stand traditional anise!), since they last for a long time, and don’t really go stale (though, they’re at their best fresh from the iron!). Once the girls are in bed and we’ve watched our Monday night shows (yay for CBS!), dh and I need to finish our Christmas lists so we know what to ask Santa to bring the girls.

Tomorrow will also be a busy day. I have to pack lunches for the three of us, put together the popcorn balls and Christmas cards in a bright red bag (hopefully, I do that tonight before I go to bed at some point!), load up the girls into the car and head across town to where Munchkin has dance class. Then, hang around that city for a bit, go to the chiropractor, then home so the girls can nap. Light cleaning, watch a little tv while crocheting like mad, then dinner.

Wednesday, I hope to have one of my bffs over with her girls, and another friend with her two younger boys so we can make apple-cinnamon Christmas ornaments. I have the stuff to do it, just waiting on a date and time. If our friends are all able to come over, we’ll pretty much be busy.

Thursday I have slated for baking: M&M cookies, Christmas Kolachys, Cream Wafers, and–if I don’t get to them today–the pizzeles. Maybe. We’ll see. I may just get tired of baking after the Kolachys and finish the rest next week.

Friday there was something scheduled, but I don’t remember what at the moment.

Let’s just pray that it all gets done. Oh! and I do promise to take pics of the place mats mentioned in yesterday’s post, after all the cleaning is done. 🙂