…at least, not the way I wanted it to. Monday and Tuesday went as planned, but from Wednesday it went downhill from there.

I had to go to the grocery store, then over to my friend, K’s house. We decided to go over there to make the applesauce-cinnamon ornaments because her place was bigger. So, with 3 adults and 8 children running around, we successfully ate lunch, made our ornaments, and the moms visited while the kids played during the massive wind storm. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. When I first got there, I opened the screen door, which the wind caught, and 2 of my coat buttons got caught on the door. With one giant blast from the wind, those 2 buttons flew off my coat and somewhere into oblivion. Drat! And I’ve only had that coat for about 6 weeks! Grrr…

Yesterday, it was still quite windy, though the winds were not the 50-60mph winds we had Wednesday, though they were probably close to 30-40mph. I took my girls to the post office to mail off a couple packages, then we went to JoAnn’s so I could buy all new buttons for my sad-looking pea coat. 😦 After browsing for 20 minutes, I finally decided on some really pretty metal buttons that have openwork and a really tall shank to fit the thick wool into. Then, back to the store to pick up mittens for the girls and chicken nuggets for lunch. Didn’t even make it close to baking cookies. 😦

Today, we overslept. After breakfast, I sewed on my snazzy new buttons to my coat, prepared lunch for the girls, baked the M&M cookies, then bundled up the 3 of us into the car to head out to pick up our photos from Olan Mills. We then went to Lifeway to pick up a devotional for Buggaboo for her birthday next Friday, then we headed across town to take to Grandpa his birthday card and some cookies. By this time, Daddy was off from work, so we visited Grandma and Grandpa a little while longer, then came home to eat dinner, play Chutes and Ladders, and get the girls to bed. Here in a bit, I’m going to clean up in the living room and the kitchen, in the hopes of getting things ready for a Christmas tree, which we hope to get tomorrow.

There really hasn’t been anything new in my crafty world this week, though I have been taking notes for some ideas. Most of the crafts will have to be on the back burner until after the holidays, when I’ll have more time.

Schoolwise, we kind of took off this week. At least, we didn’t do math, though we may do it tomorrow (I try to get one lesson in per week. Munchkin tends to get an entire week’s worth of work done in one day, so I”m trying to pace her in order to make the book work last longer! :S ). She has finished the Dick and Jane readers, and can already read Green Eggs and Ham on her own. I’m hoping to start her on the McGuffeys this coming week, so that she has a little more of a challenge. She almost has all 10 commandments memorized, and we’ll be starting on the Lord’s Prayer next. Buggaboo is starting to rote count to 10, and can count to 5 consistently and correctly. She is memorizing the alphabet song, and we’ll be starting her on recognizing her numbers and letters in the new year. I need to pull out the puzzles and our alphabet writing book and get them ready for her. For our read-alouds, we’re a little stalled on Little House on the Prairie, taking a break for a couple weeks due to the sudden business of the holiday season. I think I’ll try to read more than one or 2 chapters per week, to finish up the book. Once that’s finished, we may move on to either Davy Crocket, Anne of Green Gables, or Farmer Boy. I want to talk it over with dh first to see what book he recommends, as I’m stumped. I’ll probably also ask around for recommendations. I do need to stick with what we have, and avoid going to the library (too many fines! eep!).What would you recommend out of the three books?