Last year, I went to Hobby Lobby right before Christmas and found some really cute and fancy-schmancy wire ornament hooks. They were in the shapes of curliques, with the hook end open to put on an ornament. You hang the ornaments with the curlique side, thereby keeping little hands from getting poked and stabbed by those cheap, plain, wire hooks that always seem to get tangled up with one another and it takes forever to simply untangle one, and making a mess of it at that. Some of these cool-looking hooks also had sparkly beads in the middle, just above the hook. They kind of looked like a question mark with a curlique on top, and beads at the stem just above the hook. The bad part was that they cost about $5/dozen, and I thought to myself, “Hey! I have colored wire leftover from another project! Oooh! I also have lots of sparkly beads! Shoot, I could make these!”

So, I whipped out my handy-dandy jewelry wire cutters, a pen, colored wire (20-gauge), and beads.

I cut off 6″ lengths, and strung about 1″ worth of beads onto one end, pushing them up about 1″.

With that 1″, I bent the wire into a 90-degree angle,

then bent that 1″ in half, leaving a gap onto which to hang an ornament loop.

The other 4″ I wrapped around my pen once. 

I loosely began wrapping in an open spiral, spreading out the wire into a curlique shape. 

That’s it! Easy-peasy. Aside from stringing the beads, bending the wire into an ornament hook took only seconds, and you could probably make a couple dozen in about 10 minutes.