Yes, I know…but it just fits to take a moment and post some of my New Year’s resolutions, as many other bloggy friends have done. It helps me to post them online in a blog so the file doesn’t get lost, or a paper doesn’t get thrown out, or, if the computer crashes (knock on wood!), destroyed. So, without further ado, here we go. šŸ™‚

Begin the Bug’s education. She’s coming along nicely without purposeful activities, but it’s now time to begin learning letter- and number-recognition. She can already count–by rote–to thirteen on her own, so we can also begin working on her one-to-one correspondence. We’ll also working on colors, sorting, and fine motor skills (aka, the playdough will be coming out more! –cringe– )

Finish what I start. ‘Nuff said.

Begin next year’s Christmas gifts NOW. I mean it. Between my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s, there are close to 20 families in all, and dh’s side, which are only 3 or 4. All told, there are about 2-dozen families for whom there should be gifts for next year. 2-dozen=24. 12 months in the year. 24/12=2, so each month I hope to focus on 2 families to work on small gifts. Seems easy enough, right? Hmmm…let me take you to my previous resolution of “finishing what I started…”

Every day of the week, pick one room or set of rooms (“set” meaning the bathrooms…they’re quick, and all use the same cleaning supplies).
Monday, Living Room
Tuesday, bathrooms (since we’re gone most of the day! dance class, other errands, all across town!)
Wednesday, dining room and kitchen
Thursday, bedrooms
Friday, errands, laundry, small chores that didn’t get done during the week.
Saturday, maintaining the house, vacuuming, whatever else didn’t get done.
Sunday, church, relaxing, spending time together as a family doing whatever. šŸ™‚
I really hope to stick to this plan. As we all know, life does tend to throw a monkey wrench in the works, so I also need to keep that in mind. šŸ™‚

Finish the prototypes of the things I design. In my head, I “know” they’ll work, but the practical application sometimes leaves something to be desired. There are also a couple patterns that I need to go back and revamp, because they didn’t quite turn out much like I had envisioned.

Just use one blog. I’m going to start moving patterns over here, all for free. The only stipulations are that the patterns not be used for commercial use, and if you would like to sell anything made from one of my patterns, please let me know–this is not so you could have my permission, it’s more of a courtesy. Thank you. A couple patterns may also be considered risque, so what I’ll do with those is to have a single, family-friendly photo posted of the pattern, plus a way to contact me so that I can email you the .pdf file once you’ve assured me that you’re “of age”. I’m putting in this measure because there are folks who read this blog who may have children around them as they’re reading. It’s a means of “protecting the innocent”, so to speak. šŸ˜‰

Blog more. I’ve been sorely lacking on this, and by keeping everything in one place it should a a LOT simpler!

Pray a lot more. Spend more quiet time with the Lord. I’ve been incredibly bad about it this year, so one of the things I’m hoping that will help will be to be more persistent about copying the Bible. I’m about half-way through Ecclesiastes, and I need to try to see if there’s some kind of widget that will help me track my progress through the bible (you see, I’m not going through it in order, but how God is speaking to me at the time I finish copying a book. I’ll repost why I’m doing this project from my original blog on Blogger. It will make a whole lot more sense!).

Get outside a lot more. Sure, you can do a lot of “book-learning” inside the house, but what about the natural education that comes from being outdoors? Once it’s warmer, we’ll be going outside a lot more and learning about the world around us. Right now, it’s a balmy 19-degrees Fahrenheit, with a high of 26 and it’s also still snowing. It’s not looking like it’s going to get much better throughout the week, either. šŸ˜¦ I’d love to get the girls out in the snow for a bit, but right now, the wind chill is too much for us (yeah, I know, WAH! from those of you who are northerners who think above-zero temps are the dawn of spring, but for those of us who are more southern but still get a real winter, it’s pretty cold!)

Anyway, I need to get the girls and myself upstairs for some warm baths and to get dressed. I don’t care what the thermostat says, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! Brrrr!!!!