What are you inspired by? Things you see? Things you hear? Things you talk about? Necessity? Well, I tend to become inspired by so many things in so many ways. This is the time of year when my creative juices are flowing like crazy, and even the littlest things really set my brain going because in the winter, we (as in, our family) are not going much of anywhere–no parks, few playdates because almost inevitably someone is sick (my kids, their kids–you know the drill, right?).

Well, just last week (or was it the week before? I can’t remember. With the holidays my busy brain tends to get a little sticky due to the excess sugar, and when it starts rolling around even more, it tends to pick up the fuzzies and clean up all the dust bunnies that tend to sit in my creative zone during the warmer months. The bunnies are there not because I am not creative during the rest of the year, but because I’m a different kind of creative–my fiber arts juices are put by the wayside and that’s what the bunnies feed on. Okay, Trace, enough rambling. Get out of this side note!) someone on the CLF at Ravelry posted this absolutely gorgeous crocheted neckwarmer. The seller lives in Turkey (or somewhere thereabouts) and made this beautiful work of art using what looked like some of the softest yarn possible and it buttoned at the neck and it seemed to have crocheted “feathers” in rows upon rows of gorgeousness, and I knew immediately how to deconstruct it, sort of–well, at least in my own version, anyways, and I set to work.

I dug through my stash (diminished as it usually is this time of year! My stash tends to starve a bit until the spring, when I go to the thrift stores a bit more often to find luxury fibers in the sweater department to rescue) and found a ball of gorgeous purpley-blue-almost-tweed wool sock yarn, which I thought was perfect for my local bff (I have 2 bffs, one in Arkansas, the other here in Ohio). I took my trusty 3.5mm hook (a Boye E) and began working in that stitch, thinking I was going to make a similar neckwarmer for her. Turns out, my version of the “feathers” isn’t pointy enough, but that’s okay; the effect is still cool, the resulting fabric is warm and delish, and the neckwarmer turned into a pair of wristlets, which my bff loved once I gave them to her. I also wanted a pair of these wristlets, so I got out another ball of sock yarn (of which the band was thrown out by a well-meaning child after she tore it apart. *sigh*) and began working on a pair. Turns out, I haven’t enough yarn for the wristlets, but I’m hoping I have enough of this yarn left to make a small neckwarmer–perhaps for Munchkin, since her favorite color is blue.

Part of the problem is, I’ve come up with patterns for a whole set, including a hood (old-fashioned style, btw 😉 ), wristlets, and a neckwarmer. Give me more time, and I could adjust the size for little girls, as well (wouldn’t little girls look absolutely adorable with these?) as even babies, and I just can’t decide how I want to go about publishing this set. Would you, dear readers, mind sharing your thoughts about this? My choices are: publish here, on my blog, for free, so anyone could make this set for themselves; try submitting the pattern set to an online magazine like “Crochet Uncut”, “CrochetMe,” or the like; or should I try to take it to a publisher to see what they may say? I can’t post a picture of any of the items, because if a publisher wants the pattern they don’t want anyone else to have already seen them. So, sight unseen, what do you advise?