I’m trying to get around to cleaning and redecorating the girls’ room. As soon as they wake up–and probably after dinner is over–we’ll go back upstairs and begin cleaning and reorganizing a little. I have some pretty cute ideas that I found at familyfun.go.com, and I hope to share some of them with you as I go along.

What inspired me first to do something about their room is that since we’re hoping to list our condo soon, we can’t really put up anything new on the walls. So where does that leave me? Well, since there is some tall furniture in there, as well as a bunk bed set, and some really nifty lights above their bathroom vanity with the medicine cabinet right next to them, I can make and drape some swags that Munchkin is going to help me put together.

To make a single swag, you’ll need felt squares in at least 2 colors for the flowers, and felt squares in 2 shades of green (if you can find them at the time you try to make your own version), as well as a spool of grossgrain ribbon in a coordinating color, a sewing needle (you’ll need a sharp), and coordinating thread or embroidery floss. Oh, and of course you’ll need scissors.

Take 2 each of the felt squares you purchased for your flowers and fold one corner down, making a right triangle (yeah, yeah, I know, enough with the geometry references, already. Don’t you wish you’d paid more attention in class? 😉 ). Cut off the 2-3″ strip below your triangle and set aside, then unfold the triangle, making a square. Cut this square into 4ths. Repeat this step for as many flowers as you think you’ll need for your swag. When you have enough flower squares, fold your squares so that you can cut out flower shapes. Set aside your flowers. Take your strips that you previously cut off the larger pieces of felt, and cut them into smaller squares. Use these squares to make circles for the flower centers.

Next, take your greens. Choose one shade for the outside edge of the leaves, and the other shade for the inside. Cut the outside colored felt into 4ths, and the inside colors into 8ths (you’ll need more sheets of the outside shade of green). Starting at one corner, cut a curved line down the length of the outside green felt to the opposite corner, then repeat in the opposite direction to the beginning corner (don’t worry–pics to follow tomorrow! I promise!). Do this step also with the second shade of green.

For the  flower assembly, sew the circles onto the flowers. You can use whatever stitch you like. I have simply used a whip stitch and a running stitch for ours. For the leaves, take the smaller pieces and line up one corner with a corner of a larger leaf. Work a running stitch down the center of both, then, if you like, stitch along the outside of the smaller piece. You could also simply work more running stitch “veins” instead of going around the border, like I did in my placemats, if you so choose. Next, sew your flowers and leaves onto the grossgrain ribbon. I first sewed a leaf, then another few more inches later I sewed on a flower, a few more inches meant another leaf, and so on.

That’s it! That’s all there is to the flower swag. I plan to drape one across the light fixture (away from the bulbs and globes, mind you) above the girls’ vanity, then across the medicine cabinet. Another will drape across the top of the bunk beds, another will be used as a valance above the curtains at the window, and yet another across the shelving unit, or even the dresser.

I’ll share more ideas for the girls’ room as I accomplish them.

Right now, I want to share what we’re having for dinner tonight…Beefy Cabbage and Noodles.

  • ~1lb. ground beef (or meat of choice…this could easily be done w/ shrimp, chicken, turkey, sausage, etc.)
  • 1 qt. beef broth (if using shrimp, chicken, or turkey, alter this to mean chicken broth)
  • 1/2 head of a large cabbage, or 1 whole small cabbage, chopped
  • 1 medium yellow onion (or whatever kind you have on hand), chopped
  • 2 pkgs. dry ramen soup, flavor packets removed (or, if you like, you can use 1 qt. water, with the 2 shrimp flavoring packets to make the broth for the seafood, but it is rather high in sodium)
  • Herbs and spices to taste (I just use pepper, since the cabbage and noodles with the onion is plenty of flavor for my 2 littles 😉 )

If your meat isn’t already cooked, brown, drain, and rinse your meat in the large sauce pan you’ll be cooking in, and set the meat aside. Pour in half of the broth, add the chopped onion and cabbage. Cook for a few minutes until the cabbage becomes tender. Add the meat, and heat until hot again. If you have small children, crumble up the ramen noodle “bricks” (I mean, really? what else would you call them? Lol.) into the pan. Stir, and allow to cook until the noodles are soft. Enjoy.