As it gets colder, we begin to seek warm comforts. For me, after I send my hubby off to work after putting together for him his lunch, I am free to return to bed if I so choose. I do–well, sort of. As I return to the living room, I see there are, in general, at least 2 fleece blankets that we have on hand. Now, do I return up the steps for my pillow, or even better yet, my own bed? Or, do I simply give in and snuggle under the blankets already right here without spending the energy needed to go back up the steps, risking not being able to return to sleep? Hmmmm…

These are the benefits of having multiple fleece blankies on hand:

  • they’re warm;
  • they wash easily;
  • they’re warm;
  • one can be wadded up as a nice, warm, soft pillow and the other(s) can be used to snuggle under;
  • you only have to use one (after the pillow) to get warm (then again, all mine are double-layers of fleece, though I imagine a single layer is just as nice, but lighter);
  • have I mentioned they’re warm?
  • they can be used as a nice blanket to sit on when you go to a park on a cooler day and the grass is still dewy/ground still muddy, etc.
  • again, they wash easily;
  • they’re WARM!! 😀

So, as I lay here on the couch, with one blankie under my head and the other blankie covering me up, I sigh in relief as I am free to return to sleep

…that is, as long as my girls will allow me. 😛