In July, a thunderstorm pushed its way through our area right after suppertime. My husband had gone over to visit a neighbor, so our front door was wide open to it. Bug sat right next to the door, watching wide-eyed the whole time, becoming quite excited whenever the lightning flashed and exclaiming “Mommy! Did you see that?” She would even call her sister to come over and sit and watch the storm with her. Now, Munchkin, on the other hand, had been apprehensive, and, remembering the devastation in the aftermath of storms she witnessed earlier in the spring while watching the news with Daddy, once the tornado hit Joplin and other places, was getting rather upset. So, Bug, in her ingenious little mind, decided she wanted to rock in the large rocking chair, while Munchkin was rocking in their kid-size chair. Then, the storm picked up again, so Bug tugged and pulled and pushed and shoved my big, heavy rocking chair to the front door. Within minutes, this is what I saw:

The girls watch the storm

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