Book Reviews

We are beginning our preschool list of books, and we are having an incredible time reading, as well as our other every day activities.

First up are the Beatrix Potter stories, complete with her illustrations. Munchkin absolutely loves “reading” these to herself after Daddy and I read them to her. We only have a small set, but they’re just her size and she delights to look at the pictures and “re-tell” the stories within.

Next on the list is pretty much anything by Eric Carle. His books are all about nature or how certain types of food are made (i.e., Pancakes, Pancakes!). The illustrations are great, and I’ve not met a kid yet who has not enjoyed these books.

Corduroy–This is a very well-loved book in our house. Munchkin would sit and re-tell this story several times as I nursed Buggaboo. If we had the funds, I’d follow up with a trip to Build-A-Bear so she could find her own Corduroy.

The Ark, by Arthur Geisert–Beautiful book! Personally, I believe this should become a Caldecott Award winner. Munchkin and Buggaboo both loved the pictures (actually, Buggaboo tried to eat them!), and the text, while minimal, was succinct and beautifully written. The illustrations are done in pen-and-ink, and I’ve not seen the story of Noah put in clearer terms (except at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, but that, of course, is not a book 😉 ).

I’ll add more reviews later…At the moment I’m not feeling too well. The heat is getting to me.


1 thought on “Book Reviews”

  1. Vicki Besse said:

    where in the world can I see the photos of your interesting-sounding crochet shawls???

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