Mystery Lace Weight Shawl CALs 2011

No, there’s no typo in the title. You read correctly–there is more than 1 Mystery Lace Weight Shawl CAL this year! 🙂 There will be 2 shawl patterns revealed at the same time, and you’re going to LOVE them!

The first one, named Ezekiel’s Wheels, is a motif shawl that is assembled in the crochet-as-you-go method by joining the motifs via the picots. A lot of folks do not enjoy working in motifs, and frankly, neither do I, but when I saw the motif itself in an antique book, I knew I just had to use it in a shawl! I took a look at its pattern, and, well, it was a mess, terminology-wise. So, I updated it, added a Cluny and Irish lace border (aha! a hint of what is to come! 😀 ), and voila! A lovely shawl/stole/scarf that is perfect for dressing up that pair of jeans and t-shirt, or work in beads through the pattern to make an elegant accessory for a night on the town. Make sure you have about 800-1000 yds. lace weight yarn, 7-800 yds. fingering weight, or a 1000-yd ball of cotton thread, as well as an E/3.5 mm hook. Can’t give you any more information about this shawl, or I’d be giving too much away before it’s time! Oh, and this will be my first pattern that may have a chart (hand-drawn, but yeah, it will be a chart. 🙂 )

The second, my Aleatha Shawl, is a triangle shawl (my first triangle shawl pattern! 😀 ) that I’m sure the rest of you will adore. It has a simple body, a lace border, and a lovely edging. There might be a chart for this one, too, if my testers feel it works out well. 🙂 For this shawl, make sure you have about 800-1000 yds lace weight yarn, an E/3.5 mm or G/4.0 mm hook (I wouldn’t go much larger with lace weight, unless you crochet very tightly). Beads to fit are optional, and, since each person’s shawl is individual, I cannot give you a total on the number of beads you will need.

I look forward to working with you all on March 1!


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